Frequently Asked Questions

Herewith are the most frequently asked questions by Zoo Parc Safari visitors.

  • Can we bring a dog to
    Zoo Parc Safari?

    No, dogs and other pets are not allowed on Zoo Parc Safari's site. They will have to wait for you in the kennel, near the admission booths. The kennel is 5$ per day, plus deposit. Guide dogs are allowed on site, but not in the zoological areas.

  • Is my car going to get
    scratched or damaged by animals inSafari Aventure?

    Unlike the era where the baboons were roaming free in Safari Aventure, gleefully ripping off every antennas and whippers available, animals do not usually damage the cars going through. But keep in mind that there is always a small risk, since many animals have massive horns and hooves and are walking right by your car.

  • Where is Zoo Parc Safari?

    Zoo Parc Safari is in Hemmingford, Quebec, close to the american border. You'll find the directions to visit us the schedules and itineraries page.


  • Can we feed all the animals?

    You can feed all the animals roaming free in Safari Aventure and the deers of the Deer Trail, preferably with the special food sold on site, but green vegetables are also acceptable (lettuce, cucumber, celery). Do not bring carrots from home, they make the animals sick. The animals at the Olduvai Elevated Walkway and the Farm of the Five Continent follow a strict diet to stay healthy, so it is not allowed to feed them anymore. You can see them eat during the shows Snack Time, You'll find the show schedule here.