On October 14-15, 20-21-22, 27-28-29, discover Parc Safari like never before!



Special Halloween activities

  • Haunted maze
  • Enrichment workshop with the animals (see the schedule below)
  • Costume contest
  • Treasure hunts
  • Little monsters dance party
  • Pumpkin exposition (made by the children of Hemmingford and St-Bernard-de-Lacolle)
  • Characters, shows and candy distribution
  • Safari Expedition ($)**
  • Pumpkin decoration workshop ($)
  • Animal experience ($)
  • Make up stand ($)



* Rebate applicable only at the gate for everyone dressed up for Halloween. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, offer, rebate or package.

**The Safari Adventure will be closed on Halloween weekends.

The zoology team is currently working on bringing the animals from the Safari Adventure back to their winter facilities. For the safety of the team working in the field, cars cannot circulate in the Safari Adventure. However, to allow guests to see the remaining animals, the Express Safari expedition will have scheduled departures. On board the bush truck, passengers will have a guided tour and will be able to get closer to the few remaining herds. Tickets for the Safari Expedition can be booked at the ticket booth or information booth.



Time Activity Description
10:45AM Lions’ breakfast Come see a lion family enjoying their special pumpkin breakfast!
11:15AM Wolfs’ snack A zoologist will tell you myths and legends surrounding wolfs. Help him create the perfect Halloween treat for the Arctic wolfs.
11:45AM Macaques’ snack With the help of a zoologist, prepare some tasty treats for the Japanese macaques.
12:30PM Animal experience The witch and wizard of Parc Safari are waiting for you at the Place d’Afrique to show you their favourite creatures!
1:00PM Costume contest Children and adults can walk on the main stage to show off their costumes!
1:15PM Filouminou’s music spectactular Come and dance with the Filouminous. You’ll have the chance to take pictures and give them hugs after the show.
1:30PM Lions’ snack Learn more about the king of the jungle while watching him enjoying a tasty snack.
2:00PM Halloween All Star Come discover Halloween greatest animals star!
2:30PM Pumpkin carving for the fox Help a zoologist create enrichment for the fox, using Halloween’s pumpkin.
3:00PM Pumpkin carving for the mink Help a zoologist create enrichment for the mink, using Halloween’s pumpkin.
3:30PM The elephants feast Come meet Carole the African elephant and see her taste special Halloween treats.
3:45PM Animal experience The witch and wizard of Parc Safari are waiting for you at the Place d’Afrique to show you their favourite creatures!
4:00PM Doundouns workshop with la troupe Kalabanté Follow the rhythm of the troupe Kalabanté and learn to play the drums.
4:30PM Little monsters dance party Finish your day with our big dance party near the main stage.