Parc Safari is open daily until Monday October 9 and the following weekends, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29, October 2017.

Admission tickets purchased on the web (electronic tickets) are valid on the day following the day of purchase.

PLEASE PRINT THE TICKETS (for admission or for passports) and bring a printed paper copy of your online purchase.

Upon arriving at the Ticket booth please present :

a – The paper copy of the electronic tickets (web purchase);

b – The credit Card used for the purchase;

c – An ID with picture.

Thank you.

The tickets and rates quoted are valid from September 5th to October 29th 2017.  Tickets give you access to a fun day at Parc Safari.

Age Price Online Purchase
Less than 2 years old FREE FREE
2 years old 9.95 $ +tx Buy Now
3 to 15 years old 19.95 $ +tx Buy Now
16 to 64 years old 29.95 $ +tx Buy Now
65 years old and + 24.95 $ +tx Buy Now


Do plan on returning more than once for picnics, a good time and special events and take full advantage of the park’s facilities until October 19.

The Season Passport gives holders a 15% discount at the gift shops, restaurants and the guided Safari Expedition tour.*


Age Price Online Purchase
Less than 2 years old FREE FREE
2 years old 15.95 $ +tx Buy Now
3 years old and + 65 $ +tx Buy Now
3 years old and + (2 passports and more) 60 $+tx / each Buy Now



* The 15% discount offered at Parc Safari is applicable on selected items in the SOUK store, at the EXPLORATEUR restaurant and in all kiosks linked to the web.

The price of all Passports is fixed and cannot be subject to any rebate or promotions.