A whole day at Parc Safari is always magical!

There are so many things to see, learn and experience for the whole family. Here are some tips to help you plan your visit and fill your day with unforgettable memories.

This schedule is valid from October 1st onward.

October (Friday) October (Week-ends)
Parc Safari 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 5PM
Ticket office and Shops
Tickets booth 10AM – 3PM 10AM – 3PM
Information 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 5PM
Passports 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 5PM
Gift Shop 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 5PM
Restaurants 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 5PM
Safari Adventure 10AM – 3PM 10AM – 3PM
Afrika Terrace 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 4:30PM
Cheetah Center 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 4:30PM
Olduvaï Footbridge 10:30AM – 4PM 10:30AM – 4:30PM
Deer Trail 10:30AM – 4PM 10:30AM – 4:30PM
Five Continents’ Animal Farm 10:30AM – 4PM 10:30AM – 4:30PM
Animal Rides CLOSED 11AM – 4:00PM
Discovery Pavilion 10AM – 3:30PM 10AM – 4:30PM
Nishati Park 10AM – 4PM 10AM – 5PM
Safari Aquapark | Wave Pool CLOSED CLOSED
Safari Aquapark | Crocodile Lake CLOSED CLOSED
Safari Aquapark | Nile River Tube Ride CLOSED CLOSED
Safari Aquapark | Mombassa Wading Pool CLOSED CLOSED
Safari Aquapark | Dolphins’ Lagoon CLOSED CLOSED



You should schedule at least one hour to complete the Safari Adventure circuit, (two hours on a busy day). There is less of a wait in the early afternoon. Check out the noticeboards at the Safari Adventure entrance, which are updated regularly throughout the day. Learn more with the radio station.

The complete circuit :

  1. Lion Tunnels
  2. Olduvai Walkway
  3. Discovery pavilion
  4. Five Continents Animal Farm
  5. Deer Trail
  6. Afrika Terrace
  7. African Plain
  8. Cheetah Lowland
  9. Waterpark Safari
  10. Nairobi Park
  11. Nishati Park (playground area for kids)


With so many animals to see and a wealth of inspiring presentations, shows and activities offered on site, it would be surprising if you managed to see everything in one day. We recommend that you pick a few things that you really want to see and organize your visit around them.

On the hottest days of the year, the best times to see the animals are when Parc Safari first opens, during the various shows and towards the end of the day before the animals return to their enclosures for their evening meal.

Tickets for pony or dromedary rides can be purchased at the Five Continents Animal Farm. All rides are supervised by trained staff. The maximum weight for the pony rides is 70 lb. (32 kg).Dromedaries can carry people up to 220 lb. (100 kg).

The wait is generally not too long, depending on how busy the day is. In very hot weather, the animals sometimes take a few 15-minute breaks in the afternoon.



Dromedary: $ 7

Poney: $ 5

The restaurants fill up quickly around noon. To avoid long line ups, it’s best if you plan to have lunch at 11:00 am or after 1:00 pm.

Much more than just a gift shop, Zoo Parc Safari’s store offers unique works of art from all over the world. Our impressive collection of sculptures, paintings, handmade furniture, jewellery and home decorations makes it the perfect place to find beautiful and original gifts for the whole family.

More than 4000 arts and craft items from 25 countries.

You’ll find picnic tables throughout Zoo Parc Safari, so you can pick the site that you prefer. There are also two picnic areas near the parking lot: the first is next to the African Plain, and the second is near the Five Continents Animal Farm. You can rent a cart at the information kiosk to carry your cooler and other items if necessary.

We have strollers for your little ones and electric wheelchairs for adults. Parc Safari was designed without stairs, so it’s entirely wheelchair accessible. In fact, in 2008, we received the Kéroul award (an initiative of Gaston L’Heureux and André Leclair) at the Grands Prix du tourisme québécois awards gala for our accessible services for people with reduced mobility.

Bathing caps are not required, but bathing suits are, and little ones have to wear special diapers for playing in the water. Cotton clothing is not allowed.

The pools have various depths so there’s something for everyone, regardless of age. Parents must watch their children at all times.

If you forget your bathing suit or sunscreen, you’ll find everything you need at the Nile River store.

Now that you’ve planned your day, you’ll need to “pick and choose” because there’s just so much to do. Why not take advantage of the Safari Passport so you can plan additional visits at a reduced price?