Sichuan Takin

Sichuan Takin is the national animal of  Bhutan. They are also found in China, Nepal and  Tibet. This animal has long sharp horns, long brown hair and a walk similar to mountain goats. Where to find them? Come see Bamboo, Gansu and Panda jump on rocks in Safari Adventure.



Tapir of Malaysia

Aside from being increasingly rare, our tapir is the only one of his species in Quebec. This season, the tapir has a new redesigned habitat. Where to find him? Come see Tanuk at the Olduvaï Footbridge.



Lynx of Canada

Our lynx are very beautiful with their piercing eyes and their boundless energy. Where to find them? Ember and her two daughters Emma and Émeraude are waiting for you at the Olduvaï Footbridge.


4 White Lion Cubs

Our lion cubs enrich the felines collection of the zoo. Their arrival at Parc Safari is the result of our commitment to safeguard the species and collaborate with the Toronto Zoo. Where to find them? Go take a look at Gus, Hank, Oliver and Harrisson from the Lions Tunnel.



African troupe Kalabanté

This summer, the African troupe of Kalabanté Productions arrives at Parc Safari. This troupe from Guinea combine traditional African arts, music, dance and circus culture.

Come and see their outsanding performances on the weekends from May 20th to June 23rd and every day from June 24th to September 4th 2017.



Nishati Park

This new playground area includes inflatable games, Mission Safari’s maze, a relaxation area, a climbing wall and an obstacle trail. All these activities are free!

Our partnership with Proludik ebabled us to install this awesome inflatable playground. Equipped with confortable hammocks and beanbags, the relaxation area is presented in partnership with Karibu. Karibu’s products will be available at the beach store.



Reptilium Pavilion

The new Reptilium inside Pavilion features more than 20 reptiles and amphibians. Next to every vivarium, you will see an intepretive panel. Also, a zoology employee will be there to talk to visitors and show the different species.

You are a fan of caimans, chameleons, iguanas or snakes ? Treat yourself, come see them !

The Reptilium Pavilion is presented in partnership with Little Ray’s Zoo.



Beach area

The beach has been redesigned to ensure your comfort on our site. It is located in the heart of the aquatic sector next to the ice cream parlor and the beach’s store. Come visit and enjoy the experience!