Programs and Educative Activities


                  Safari Mag

The Safari Mag is a useful resource for these activities and it is always available to download.

Activity 1: Kindergarten to 4


Have students create a face mask of their favorite wild animal that they can wear or pin to their clothing during their visit.

Suggest they find a name for their animal and find its Swahili language equivalent.

Activity 2: Grade 3-6

Afrika Terrace (Faithful representation of the continent)


  • On the Afrika Terrace give each student a piece of paper with the name of a country on it. At the entrance to Afrika Terrace, ask each student to walk to that country and list all the countries they pass through to reach it.


  • Once all students are standing on their assigned country, distribute another piece of paper with the name of a new country to travel through. Again, ask the student to note the names of the countries they will pass through.


  • Upon returning home ask the students to go to Google Earth and calculate the distance they have ‘’travelled’’ in Africa. Augment this Road Trip with the selection of pictures from Google photos from one or many of the countries visited.


  • This research project can be augmented by requesting the name of each capital, the native language, population, size of land compared to your choice, Canada, U.S.A., province, state, etc.

Activity 3: Grade 4 and above


Copy this handout and distribute it to individual students or a group.

List all continents and countries you encounter at Parc Safari.

Name at least one animal from that continent and is diet.


Download the handout

Activity 4: Grade 5 and above


Ask students to discuss why they think it is important to protect wild animals. List their ideas and have them choose one of the endangered species they will see at Parc Safari and research why this animal is endangered.

Note: For Parc Safari’s  position on this question look at ‘’Scully -The World Show –Parc Safari’’ : a 26 minutes interview with Parc Safari ‘s president,  Jean-Pierre Ranger, you may go to the 22rd minutes of the interview for an ‘’overview’’ of this question.


 Activity 5: Grade 5 and above


Create ‘’expert groups’’ on some of the countries such as Africa. Have each expert group prepare a fact sheet about the country including such information as capital city, environment, national language or languages and its special features such as deserts, mountain ranges etc. Have each expert group share their findings with the class just prior to their visit. Ask how zoos and Parc Safari play a role in education.

Activity 6: All levels


What do you and the students wish to know about animals about the daily chores and life in a zoo?

Brainstorm possible questions students could ask Parc Safari team. Have these questions on index cards so that each student has at least one question to ask.