The Deer Trail

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Experience the magic of the Deer Trail

This magical trail has magnificent spotted deer that you can pet and feed—we guarantee you’ll be charmed! The Deer Trail was completely revamped recently to provide you with an even more enchanted forest experience.

Parc Safari is home to around thirty European spotted deer. If you have any food to offer them, you will quickly find yourself surrounded by a dozen, or even twenty-some-odd, adorable deer. And if you get the chance, you can even pet them—gently, of course!

You will be amazed to see how easy and wonderful it is being at the center of a gathering of deer, gently running your hand along their coats. But be careful! Any sudden movements or the softest of noises will scare them all away.

The Deer Trail

Best time to visit

Deer are very hungry in the morning!

October hours

CLOSED for winter

CLOSED for winter

CLOSED for winter

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